This is how the dream began …

Because we all have dreams, ideas, creativity, inspiration. Because we have to fight to achieve what we believe in. Because with love and energy everything can be done.

I started being a collector, I wrote two books, thanks to my passion for dolls. Today I managed to launch another dream and make it real: create a beautiful and manageable doll that appeals to children and adults. The universal and beautiful doll par excellence.

I started collecting the old Bombón doll, I became obsessed with her. I portrayed and photographed her every time I went out to the street. I made outfits for her, knitwear sets and I had fun and played a lot. This hobby gave birth to my desire to make her anew, to give her life, to make this doll available to others.

I introduce this project process, its evolution. Thanks to all who have made it possible.

First I chose the mold that would represent the new doll. I asked my fans and this beautiful Bombón on the left won. The mold was made in clay and then in plaster.

The face on the right is that of the mold in plaster. This was not the final one, because there was a lot of space between nose and mouth and the mouth was too wide. The sculptor worked hard and changed it. I loved the sculpture that he made.

The mouth and lips became smaller and the distance between nose and mouth decreased. I loved it!

The body was also made according to the old one. But it had too much tummy, so we did it a bit smaller

Concerning the hands we decided to sculpt fingers and nails

Ears were sculpted, because the old doll didn’t even have.I wanted the lips to be tasteful and sculpted, too. 

Image of the finished body in wax. It looks thinner


New Bombón doll sleeping with her family. Old ones could be her grandmother.

And the final encounter. Two generations together and finally reunited


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