The story of Mariló the storyteller

Actually she’s not a storyteller. Hmmm … or does she? She is a doll from the forties, but she is also an excellent storyteller, since she told with a diary the children of the forties about her adventures and misadventures.

Oh, … Dalia is delighted. She is the writer and creative of the six Bombón sisters. Being able to talk with Mariló fills her with joy. Dalia writes the story of Bombón. She takes her job very seriously and today she has laughed and learned many things thanks to this great doll. -I hope some day I can  describe things like her- the little girl sighs.

– I’m going to do my best, Mariló. I promise you. Next time you come to see us I will have my stories ready and well written. You will see.

Give me a strong hug. How nice to have a friend like Mariló.

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